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adapt energy offer design, supply and installation of Air Source Heat Pumps systems. We also offer maintenance, servicing, fault finding and fuel supply.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a machine or device that effectively "moves" thermal energy from one location called the "source," which is at a lower temperature, to another location called the "sink" or "heat sink", which is at a higher temperature. While compressor-driven air conditioners and freezers are technically heat pumps, the class includes many other types of devices, and the term "heat pump" usually implies one of the less-common devices in the class that are not dedicated to refrigeration-only.


What do we use a heat pump for?

In the UK we use air source, ground source, water source and exhaust air heat pumps. Having these options enable us to choose the right heat pump to suit your property. We use the heat pump to heat your heating, hot water or swimming pool. As a heat pump uses energy from a source they are very cost effective, this will enable you to lower your exisiting fuel bills.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is available for this product (see our Renewable Energy pages for more details). You will receive # pence per Kwh for air source and # pence per Kwh for ground source. The Kwh figure is generated from the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) combined with an estimate of the heat pumps performance. 

Government incentives are available for these products; please see our renewable energy pages for more information.

The Ofgem website cover the Renewable Heat Incentive in depth, click to to vist there website.