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  • What is renewable energy?

    We've all heard of solar panels and wind turbines, but renewable energy covers more than that. It is energy from any source that is naturally replenished when used. Often called 'renewables' or 'sustainable energy', the main sources of renewable energy for the home are:

    Energy from sunlight – Solar Thermal (Hot Water), Thermodynamics (Hot Water), Photovoltaic (Electricity)

    Heat from the Earth, the Air or Water – Heat Pumps (Hot Water & Heating)

    Waste Timber, Plants grown for fuel – Biomass Boilers (Hot Water & Heating)

    Benefits of renewable energy  

    •    Save money on your bills
    •    Reduce your carbon footprint
    •    Earn money from the heat / electricity you produce
    •    Secure energy supply
    •    Protect against price hikes

    With the uncertainty of fossil fuels longevity and rising costs there has never been a better time to invest in renewable energy. There are several Government subsidies that will help you with the purchase costs and offer a good return on your investment. Click our other tabs in renewable energy for more information.